Company Overview

Festan Consulting is a creative and innovative Human Resources consulting company. Festan consulting stands out as it offers customized services to meet organizational needs. Our team of dedicated experts works in partnership with organizations to provide services and proffer business solutions to sustain our goal which is to drive business success.

As a leading Consulting firm, we equip the organizational workforce with the right skill to improve their efficiency and develop their potentials thereby enhancing organizational performance to meet the ever challenging corporate world.

Our areas of specialization include; Human Resources Management and Business Management Training, learning and development, Coaching and mentoring programme, Entrepreneurship and business branding trainings, HR and business strategies, Conflict resolution, Outsourcing of Services.

Our vison

Our Vision is to deliver quality services in partnership with clients to achieve organisational goals by:

  • Providing sustainable bespoke training solutions.
  • Improving organisational performance by empowering staff with the right attitude and skill set.
  • Transforming organisational behaviour and culture through the promotion of organisational learning.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a leading provider of corporate training and proffer innovative management solutions by partnering with our clients to enhance business success.

how can we help you?

Contact us at Festan Consulting office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Our Company

Festan Consulting is a leading consulting company with vast experience in the private and public sectors. We are committed to improving organisational success and do not adopt the ‘one size fits all approach’. Each service package is tailored to fit peculiar organisational and individual needs.

Our services and solutions are value for money, efficient and result –oriented. We offer stimulating and interactive training programmes which relate theory to practice and tackle real work- life issues. We also provide innovative, practical HR and management solutions that address business issues.


Our innovative services and solutions are constantly evolving with the ever changing business world. Festan Consulting is committed to providing innovative, practical HR and management solutions that address business issues.


At Festan Consulting, excellent services delivery is our watchword. Hence, we maintain high level of professional expertise by our team of dedicated consultants who work hand in glove with our clients through the diagnosis stage down to the solution stage. By this technique, our clients initiate the expected organizational change.


Festan Consulting is a team-based and customer focused organisation. We are assiduously committed to improving organisational success through coordinated team work. We maintain a high profile organisational team work where everyone is empowered thereby achieving the best result and exceeding our customers’ imaginations

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