Human Resources Management

Our Human Resources Management services seek to help our clients reduce costs, improve productivity and advance the overall delivery of any human resources strategy. Our services are bespoke to fit specific needs and requirements. We are committed to providing innovative and practical management solutions that address business issues.

Our focus is to help employees and organisations at large fulfill their potential for optimum performance. In facilitating maximized employee potential and improved customer services and overall organisational performances.

Research beyond the business plan

We partner with clients to achieve set goals by:

  • Conducting an objective assessment to diagnose underlying issues
  • Proffering creative and innovative solutions
  • Suggesting and managing the required organisational, behavioural and technological change process.
  • Achieving effective management solutions and excellent organisational performance.

This includes the following:

In this current economic climate, organisations strive to achieve and sustain success through its work force. We offer the tools and resources needed for the employees’ performance, development and motivation. Festan Consulting is committed to finding the right person for you. We know that finding the right skills are not always very easy but we are Human resources specialists, and understand your goals and design the right HR solution to help you find them. We adopt “best-practice” approach to our human resource solutions, ensuring your organisations have ability to attract, hire, train, develop and retain the best human talent to meet the business objectives and goals. Our talent management programmes include performance management, leadership development, workforce planning, identifying talent gaps and employee recruitment.

With our robust recruitment process and the knowledge of the industry, finding the right person gets easier. We have a team of skilled recruiters and head hunters who sources the right person by using our database, multilevel networking and job portals. We provide recruitment solutions to various industries such as:

  • Telecommunications,
  • Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Banking and Financial and Insurance,
  • IT companies
  • Technical Support
  • Education
  • Media
  • Real Estates
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality, Healthcare & Medical

We partner with our clients to ensure that their business strategy is properly aligned with the procedure of HR strategy in order to achieve business results. This we achieve by providing HR support and specialist advice to clients.

With the ever changing nature of business today, we know that building and maintaining good employee/employers relationship promotes employees’ involvement, communication and development which lead to business success. Hence, we offer expert advice on current issues in employee relations and their potential impact on the organisation’s policies and practices.

We also assist in linking organizational policies and procedure with the current legal requirements to ensure that they are effectively implemented and managed. We have outstanding expertise in all areas of Employment Law and Disciplinary & Grievance, policies and procedures.

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