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Our other services include:

  • Facility & real estate management
  • Events and tourism management
  • Interior design & decorations
  • Outsourcing of services
  • Real estate management is such a very delicate process that it should only be handed over to real estate experts. At Festan Consulting, our team of seasoned experts are dedicated and committed to providing helping you manage your property in a professional manner such that the feel and look of the property is adequately maintained and sustained even years after the property was constructed. We ensure appropriate maintenance is done at the right time on your property thus guaranteeing the durability of your property.
  • We will always ensure that the facilities in your property are kept in proper shape and not vandalized by occupants of the property, cracks will be immediately attended to in order to halt them from triggering a collapse, rents by occupants are paid as and when due, life and property are well secured, prompt settlement of utilities bill as soon as they are received and lots more.
  • You can be sure that we will definitely manage your properties in a professional manner thus giving you the peace of mind you definitely deserve.
  • Properly planned and successful events rub off on the client as it goes a long way to project the positive image the client (either individuals or corporate organizations) intends in the mind of attendees or participants at the event.
  • At Festan Consulting, we are well aware of the expectation of clients to help them successfully organize an event. We therefore utilize our skill to properly study the details of the client, identify the target audience, creatively invent the event concept, plan the logistics, and coordinate all aspects of the event to ensure its success. You can be sure we will give you the best right from start to finish at any event we help you manage.
  • Festan Consulting has a knack for providing you with exquisite and breathtaking interior decorations and designs. We work in conjunction with our clients to perfectly understand what their needs are and thereafter develop creative concept for their interior decorations and designs to international standard that they will be proud of at any time. We are leaders when it comes to creating and stunning residential and commercial interior decorations and designs. Why not give us a call today?